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South Dublin Counselling & Psychotherapy

Providing a professional and safe environment for people experiencing difficulties in their lives


Perhaps you wish to examine issues in your life that are blocking you from reaching your full potential, including stress, anxiety, relationships or loss and are looking for change? If so, I am a highly qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist and offer the objective perspective of a compassionate other with no vested interest but to facilitate you in your life. The Code of Ethics and best practice as set down by both the IACP and the IAHIP are adhered to in all aspects of my work.

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Dunlaoghaire Counselling & Psychotherapy

Reasons why people come to therapy;

  • I want to reach my full potential and be happier.
  • My stress and anxiety are becoming too much.
  • I want to improve my relationships but don’t know how.
  • I want to be heard and to better understand myself.
  • I have lost a love one and I don’t know how I will cope…
  • I want to improve the quality of my life.
  • I wish to examine issues in my past that are causing me difficulties today.

Counselling & Psychotherapy approaches…

  • Confidential one to one Psychotherapy and Counselling.
  • Provided by qualified professional psychotherapist.
  • Located, four minutes walk from Dun Laoghaire Dart station.
  • Committed to mental health.
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